phpPhotoGallery Documentation
General Information
Author: Mammino Claudio
Name: PhpPhotoGallery
Description: Thumbnails generator class
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Release Date: 11/02/2007
Version: 1.3

Class Description
The images can be loaded from a specified directory or one by one. The thumbnails can be showed in a single way or in a structured gallery, whit a fade effect.

Constructor: $obj = new myPhotoGallery(error [,typeThumbnails] [,scaleThumbnails] [,typePhoto] [,scalePhoto]);
Files required:
true - Show errors
false - No show errors

0: To show thumbnails with width specified in $scaleThumbnails
1: To show thumbnails with a zoom specified in $scaleThumbnails

numeric value

0: To show photo with width specified in $scalePhoto
1: To show photo with a zoom specified in $scalePhoto

numeric value

Methods Description
Necessary function:
To return an image link array

To show thumbnails in a table with $photoForRow images for row

Main function:
To add an images folder to gallery

$obj->addImageName(imageName [,id]);
To add an image resource to gallery, with id specified in the second optional parameter (this id can be used whit showThumbnail(id) function)

To show a single thumbnail with specified $id

Debug function:
To print main data array

Versions History
Ver 1.0 First gallery engine
Ver 1.1 Add thumbnail fade effect
Ver 1.2 Add the possibility to specify a photo zoom
Ver 1.3 Add the possibility to add multiple photo folders.